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"These e-cigarettes are
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William T. Godshall
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Vapor Technology and Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes, Vapor Technology | Houston, TX

End the dire health effects of smoking with electronic cigarettes using vapor technology, the newest and most innovative products of their kind, manufactured and distributed by VaporTek in Houston, Texas.

Longer Lasting Satisfaction with Vapor
Improve your chances of success in quitting smoking with the newest E-Cigs in the industry. Also the newest and most innovative tank systems in the electronic cigarette industry. These systems slowly vaporize liquid nicotine over a longer duration of time than cotton units and the fake cigarettes used in the past.



Smokeless Cigarettes
Stop putting SMOKE and the harmful chemicals that cause cancer into your lungs and those of people around you.  The newest vapor technology on the market today can help you acomplish this. We feature the world's first tank system, which allows nicotine to be vaporized in a self-containing unit. The amount of nicotine can be varied as the smoker chooses. (Light, Medium, Heavy) The units we sell have a classier and more sleek design than the units of the past while giving you MORE FLAVORED VAPOR for you to enjoy.   

Our Valued Partnerships
Help us improve the quality of life for smokers and nonsmokers alike by carrying this product for your customers. From the inception of vapor technology 4 years ago we have been building partnerships with independent business owners all over the world.  We place great value in these relationships and are dedicated to serving you the independant business owner and customer alike. 

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